About Us

Make a better way of living

With the aim of tackling the inconsistent standards of housing and unreliable landlords, LINKo has been committed to offering dependable and cost-effective living choices, fostering community connection, and empowering individuals to embrace more fulfilling lives.


Co-living is so much more than shared spaces. Live as part of a community, sharing wonderfully designed shared spaces and inspiring events, with the comfort of being able to retreat to your own fully furnished private space at the end of the day.


We welcome young people from all over the world. By providing a comfortable home for youngsters from different countries, we are able to offer a multicultural community, thereby allowing members to learn and exchange ideas and cultures.


We do not only offer high-quality rooms to members, our Centres also provide common areas for members to share, including roof top, communal kitchen and recreational space depending on the Centre nature.


Everything you need to make the most of city life is included in bill; rent, Wi-fi, utilities and taxes, room cleaning and customer service. So you can do the living, and leave the rest to us.

Building connections though Co-living

We hope to provide a better place for you to live, work and entertain. Our aims are to promote unity among tenants and open up a brand-new living style for people with curiosity and ambition. We are enthusiastic to to create a harmonious neighbourhood.

Co-living concept

Reduces rent and overheads by sharing area and resources without compromising your living standard. We prioritise your living experience and ensure you live in a highly private and comfortable home.

Our core value

Elevate co-living with excellence
Deliver services of our concept with exceptional quality
Cultivate sustainable relationships

Join our vibrant community of young people! Learn more about our available spaces and take the first step towards your new home.

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